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Activate Your Life

What is the Activate Your Life Program?

We have designed the Activate Your Life program to address the different domains that influence a persons health and vitality.  At the SC Vitality Center we take a holistic approach – body, mind, spirit – in the creation of your personalized program to help you optimize your body systems and experience vitality. 

Listen to Dr. B talk about the AYL program

Activate Your Life - a 12 session program

1. We focus on areas that need balancing, love, and attention. The goal of this session is to connect your body and mind leaving you feeling  peaceful and relaxed.  A global balancing of your systems.

2. We focus on a deep energetic activation to continue to connect the Physical, Emotional and Mental parts of your being. We use essential oils, sound and vibration to stimulate your chakras for more life and vibrancy. This energetic activation creates a complete state of relaxation.


3. We are what we eat! We focus on nutrition to make easy changes that help you have health from the inside-out: healthy looking skin, more energy, etc…. Discover balance and pleasure in your relationship with food.

4. We focus on the upper body. We unwind the cranial bones, the neck, the shoulder and the diaphragm, releasing the breath and letting go of muscle tension. Activating the upper body will leave you feeling light and energized.

5. Unwinding the pelvis, the legs and the feet. Let’s activate your lower body since your legs are what carry your weight all day, every day. You will leave with a spring in your step, ready to take on the future. Activating the lower body will ground you and connect you with the earth’s energy.

6. Now we look at the whole posture. Posture has a physical component as well as an emotional component. By activating your posture we release old patterns and traumas for you to be your true self. 

upper lower posture

7. Are your organs functioning optimally? The organs can lose ideal communication with the brain, the control system, and have to work with less support which can create havoc in the body. How your organs are functioning is related to both physical and emotional stressors.  Activating the organs helps you reach a deeper level of health and wellness by improving their function and communication.

8. We explore, understand and bring awareness to your emotions. We are emotional beings and we are born to express our emotions freely and openly. Emotions are energy to help create change in our lives.  Activating our emotions means we can tap into both positive and negative emotions in a healthy way to help us find energy in life.  

9. We will dive deeper into your emotions and give you access to energy and emotions that you don’t typically have access to. We help you to experience those emotions in a healthy way, from a body/mind perspective, to process your past emotional distresses that are bound in your being. Emotions are energy in motion, let’s learn how to use our emotions!

emotions work AYL

10. The conscious mind vs. unconscious mind.  A battle of voices is going on inside of you between your ego and your soul. Time to make peace within yourself and open communication with all parts of you.  Let’s break those unconscious patterns from the past that keep you from achieving your best.

11. Making use of brain plasticity. The way we are wired might be one of the last things holding us back. We are now safe in our body, ready to open doors on our past patterns to relieve us from the weight of them. We use neuroplasticity to rewire the brain and write over those old programs so you can create the life you want.

12. We have done so much in these 12 sessions. Time to check in and see how the Life Activation process is working, and how you have learned to create more balance in your health and your life. In this session we will evaluate your new state and discuss what could be your next steps.

Chiropractic care


Included in the program are modalities to stimulate your healing: Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field therapy, Ionic Foot Detox bath, InfraRed Sauna, Red/InfraRed light therapy, Healy microfrequencies

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