Genetic Nutrition

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Supplement your genetic expression, not your symptoms

The information that comes from having a genetic test done provides incredible insight into who we are and how we think, how we respond to the environment, how we detoxify, how we repair our bodies and our susceptibility to diseases.

With this information, we can now help our bodies overcome genetic weaknesses by giving support where the body is struggling due to genetic variants*, or changes in our genes that can decrease how well they function.  This revolutionary concept using specific nutritional support to activate genetic pathways can have dramatic effects on overall health.

*Gene variant – a change in your DNA that affects how your body functions. A small change can alter function of up to 30%. A larger change can alter function of up to 80%.

What to expect with Genetic Nutrition:​​

  • Increased energy
  • Optimal immune system function
  • Increase in mood, sleep and focus
  • Increased detoxification ability
  • Optimal digestion​
  • Decreased pain

How We Create Your Nutritional Protocol

Simple Saliva Test

A method of determining genetic variants is now more affordable and easier than ever with a simple saliva test (from or 23andMe). We can have results generally in 4-6 weeks providing a data file with information on your complete genome. With this file (which is huge because it holds data on over 22,000 genes), we have your “raw genetic data” that we can then run through a sophisticated software analytic. That analysis then pulls out information that can help us determine your genetic mutations to aid in designing a nutritional program specifically for you!

Wholistic MethylationTM

Wholistic Methylation is a protocol enabling the evaluation of these genetic variants, that can lead to chronic illness and disease, using the DNA testing above and kinesiology to determine the priority in addressing genetic variants and the appropriate supplements required for success. This combination of diagnostic and clinical information gives Dr. Burton incredibly valuable information into why these issues happen, and how he can build a nutritional bridge around genetic variants to improve your health and wellbeing. It is common for people to reduce the number and amount of supplements taken by addressing issues at the genetic level rather than the symptoms. An initial visit determines the starting protocol with periodic visits to fine-tune the supplements and dosages required for a lifetime of health.

Holly – “I took supplements before but was never really sure if they were working. After 1 week I could feel a difference in myself and knew this was working.”

It wasn't until I started studying the brain myself that I realized the importance of the spine in our overall system. Dr. Burton Wagner does far more than adjust my spine. He equips me to recognize my own tension and where I hold it so I can relieve back pain, but even more, improve my overall mental well-being.

Troy W.Morro Bay, CA

... have to agree with all the other yelpers in that when you leave Dr. Burtons office you feel much more relaxed. Since he has a very gentle approach to making natural adjustments your anxieties of getting your "back cracked" is eliminated!

Scott H.Huntington Beach, CA

Dr. Wagner is outstanding. One of the most generous, genuine, and kind hearted people I've ever met. It's extremely rare I've met a Doctor this caring and committed to your health. It's clear there's both a strong and competent ally in your corner.

Scott F.Costa Mesa, CA

Let me just start by saying that I have never been a believer of chiropractic, until I met Dr. Burton. The idea of snapping bones back into place has always left me with a queasy feeling especially when it comes to the spine. His approach is different than any I have seen before. Dr. Burton doesn't just treat the spine on it's own, he treats the mind, body and spirit as a whole.

Conrad B.Mission Viejo, CA

What an amazing experience at Spinal Vitality! I was expecting crazy intolerable cracks on my back like my previous chiropractor, which led me to never go back, but with Dr. Wagner, it was like he sprinkled magic potion on my back. The tension and knots on my shoulders were gone! It was truly unbelievable. I highly, highly recommend Dr. Wagner to any person or any mom who needs help with releasing tension from all the new pressures of being a new mommy. Thanks Dr. Wagner!

Christina M.Laguna Niguel, CA