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This certificate will entitle the bearer to a complete holistic evaluation and balancing session.  During this visit, we will evaluate spinal and neural health, digestive system health, internal health stressors, and body/mind health using computerized tests and hands-on palpation.  The visit completes with a hands-on body/mind balancing session.

Cost $175

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This package is ideal for those who know that the world is, unfortunately, toxic and it is important to assist the body in detoxifying.  Two relaxing 30-minute ionic detox foot baths, two 30-minute infrared saunas, and some chlorella capsules to easily remove toxins from your system.

Cost $125

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This $50 gift certificate can be used toward any service or product at the San Clemente Vitality Center. Possible uses include payment towards a body/mind balancing session, a healing modality (Infrared Sauna, ionic foot detox bath, Healy microcurrent therapy, red light therapy with vibration plate, PEMF therapy), nutritional supplements, or therapeutic grade essential oils to catapult your health to a new level.  Say goodbye to Pain/anxiety/depression/digestion problems/ADHD

Cost $50

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