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Evaluate Your Vitality

Your Initial Evaluation and Session

Your holistic evaluation at the Center gives the doctors the information necessary to begin understanding the root causes of your problems, or why you don’t feel as vital as you think you should feel.  This visit lasts between 75-90 minutes in which we will perform a couple of non-invasive scans, talk to you about your health history and any health concerns that you have, a spinal examination, a kinesiologic organ evaluation, and you will receive your first Vitality session.

Important paperwork for you to get started

You can use the link to download and print your forms to comfortably fill out at home and bring with you to your appointment:

What are the non-invasive scans that we perform?

NeuroPulse and Zyto scans:

In the video Dr. Burton explains why we perform these non-invasive scans and what we can learn from them in creating your care plan to help you become the best version of yourself.

Begin Your Vitality Journey Today!

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