Shatter Your Worst Habit

in 7 days,  10 min per day!
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What if your habits were standing in the way
of your health, your success or, your life enjoyment?

A habit is an unconscious pattern of how you do you, the embodiment of who you are.
Bad habits are just distractions from you being the best version of yourself.





Phone addiction

Biting nails

Do you need the distraction?

We all have “learned programs” running non-stop on their own, often with us not being aware of why we do what we do.

Most programs have been in place for years, created when our brain was most impressionable before the age of 25.
To shatter your habit you need to address all the components – physical, emotional, and mental that define who and how you embody yourself.
Our lessons come from the journey, it can be such an exciting process.

Is it time to Shatter Your Worst Habit to reclaim your Health, your Life? 

An online program to help you understand the key in shattering your habits

 In 7 days, 10 minutes per day, you’ll be able to release your old patterns to shatter your habit and reclaim your life.

Shatter Your Worst Habit in 7 days 10 minutes per day

Each day you will receive an email with a video and a worksheet giving you the tools to easily and effectively shatter your destructive habit by reprogramming your body and mind.

Even a busy person can find 10 minutes to transform their Life.

Receive a special discount when you purchase a 45 min coaching call (normally $90) with your online program. 

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About Dr. Emma

As a San Clemente chiropractor, Dr. Emma Wagner’s focus is to help you and your body have a healthy and active lifestyle. She is fully committed to enhancing your potential through chiropractic care, energy medicine, functional medicine, health and nutritional coaching.

Dr. Emma’s complete holistic approach dives into your physical and emotional body/mind, helping both men and women to tap into their healing power to feel connected and full of energy.

A smoker for 2 decades, I had been trying to quit for 2 years. Nothing worked until I stumbled upon Dr. Emma and her program. A friend referred it to me, and in desperation, I signed up. Best decision I ever made. In one week, I was no longer smoking nor craving cigarettes. I feel like a new person.

Troy A.

Have you ever wanted so badly to stop doing something you knew was hurting you? For me, that was binge eating. I would eat perfectly during the day and once nighttime came and everyone went to bed, I found myself reaching for ‘off limits’ treats. It was a habit I could not break. Quiet house meant I binged on carbs and sweet treats. Then I found Dr. Emma. Within a week, she had me understanding why I was engaging in this unhealthy pattern and gave me the tools I needed to live my healthiest and binge-free life.

Candice R.Huntington Beach, CA

When my kids told me to put down my phone and listen to them, I knew something needed to change. In came Dr. Emma and her weeklong program. I am no longer addicted to my phone / social media and find myself present and enjoying my family. My kids have never felt more seen and heard and our relationship is stronger than ever. Can’t thank Dr. Emma enough!

Steve M.