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Holiday gift ideas with SC Vitality

Christmas is my favorite season, I love shopping and buying presents for everyone. I do have a few rules that I follow though for my shopping sprees: I like to buy local and support the shops in my community; I like to buy things that are useful – that is fun and practical; I do not like wasting time or money on gifts that are unhealthy or not ideally suited for the person. If you are like me, you will love the gift ideas I have for you.
Gifts of health at San Clemente Vitality.

Gift certificates are an easy way to give those you care for a special moment to remember and do themselves some good. We can even create a personalized one with your, or their, favorite services.

Here are some healthy holiday gift ideas with SC Vitality:

Ionic Foot Bath for Gut Health

The Detox Package - $275

3 Ionic Foot Detox Baths, 3 PEMF sessions, and 3 infrared sauna sessions.

Reclaiming Vitality Package - $355

A Discover Vitality session (intro to care in the Center), an initial evaluation with session (a deep dive into their health), and a Report of Findings with session (to explain what we found and what we recommend). Price includes all 3 visits.

The Regeneration Package - $120

Four PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) therapy sessions and a bottle of Biotics Research NAC supplement (ideally a 2 week program).

Vitality Day - $325 early bird

Benefit from a day of Holistic Health Care; a day to help you feel good inside and out, revitalize yourself, and to give you the energy and clarity to have an amazing 2023. click on the link to read more about it

image of dna morphing into a person

Genectic Nutrition Package - $625

3 visits with Dr. B plus a genetic analysis and report. Have your DNA analyzed (none of your data is kept by the lab) to learn of potential health risks and explanations for current health problems plus a report. The visits with Dr. B will go over the results and determine a protocol to support what is found.

Gift of Health - $

a gift certificate in the dollar amount of your choice for someone to use on whatever product or service that the Center has to offer.

A PEMF mat with Infrared

–  This is a favorite therapy at the Center. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) is a non-invasive, painless treatment for various injuries, bone related conditions and pains. The application of pulsed magnetic fields has, through research findings, been shown to help the body to restore normal potentials at an accelerated rate, thus aiding the healing of most wounds, regenerating tissue and reducing swelling faster. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy replicates the Earth’s natural magnetic field, which we were once strongly connected to. The therapy actually originated from NASA’s research involving the benefits of pulsed electromagnetic fields on astronauts for fatigue, depression, bone loss and other symptoms following even short trips to outer space. Scientists discovered that the cause was due to astronauts being without this beneficial natural field emanating from our Earth.

Learn about the different options and/or order your mat here. Call the office if you have any questions.

SurfScripts Gift bundles:

We have some wonderful gift ideas as well in partnering with SurfScripts. Surfscripts is an outstanding, San Clemente local, eco-friendly body care line created from sustainably sourced, organic materials.

Fountain of Youth

includes a face wash, wrinkle serum, eye cream, lip scrub, face lotion, and body barrel cream ~ as a gift set $150 ~ individually $206

Surfers essentials

includes surfboard wax, face tint 50+, lip balm, mouth rinse and purify spray ~ as a gift set $70 ~ individually $92

Campers essentials

includes head to toe soap, deodorant, bug repellent, sunshade 30+, body powder ~ as a gift set $95 ~ Individually $112

Why we choose SurfScripts

Organic – Non GMO – Ocean friendly – No gluten – Little to No Water

Surfscripts understands the adverse effects of pollutants in our environment so they encourage conscious buying to reduce the chemicals and toxins that destroy our oceans and pollute our land & water systems.

Surfscripts is a grassroots company that seeks to offer practical and effective options for sustainable, healthy living while creating a symbiotic relationship between people and the planet.

Visit the Center this holiday season to balance body/mind and to find some unique holiday gifts for your loved ones.

You can also preorder your gift by calling the center at 949-441-7755, or by emailing us at [email protected]

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