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6 Strategies to EMPOWER You in Your Health and Wellbeing

The motivation behind this post comes from a recent discussion that Dr. Emma and I had about what we see happening in the world today and what we can do to help.  It seems that so many people have become disempowered regarding their health and their ability to be vital, healthy, and well.  We are not powerless but POWERFUL beyond our imagination.  The catch is that we must claim our power to be able to use it.

It’s easy to understand how your perspective changes when someone you know no longer has the health and future that you once thought was guaranteed. This makes us question our own health.  And hopefully it makes us examine our own habits and wonder how to adapt to the challenge ahead to live life on our terms and not cower in fear. How do we do that ourselves in the face of today’s current environment.  What we decided was to remember one of our truths – that life will end for us all one day so how we live our lives is what matters most. Somehow amid all the crying and sadness, we often forgot that there is a world of possibilities and hope. It’s easy to get lost in the socially conditioned, limiting mindset we hear in the mainstream media. To forgot that we are powerful beyond measure and that there is hope even when told there isn’t. So what we will do is to empower you to take matters into your own hands and to give you hope that there is a bright future ahead.  It’s about the importance of health, nutrition, trusting your intuition, taking responsibility, and thinking outside of the box. We hope you will feel empowered to take YOUR health to the next level! 

1.  Take your health and wellbeing into your own hands

Don’t believe or take at face value everything the media and doctors tell you.  Conventional doctors are in a large way limited in what therapies they can prescribe to you based on regulatory boards and insurance companies. This is where you have to take matters into your own hands and learn alternate ways to address your illness or situation  .In this case, Google and YouTube can help when taken with a grain of salt.  If it’s a non-life-threatening health issue, research what lifestyle, diet and mindset changes you can make to improve your situation.  Be open to the fact that nature heals, food is medicine, and your mind/body is powerful beyond belief.  you will be and the better choices you will make!

2.  Listen to your body

If you feel pain, discomfort, or something unusual, take it seriously.  Don’t just put it off and say “it’s no big deal, it’ll go away.”  Look into it and make an appointment with your holistic practitioner.  Pain is a way for our body to communicate to us that there is something wrong.  Pain comes from both physical and mental/emotional traumas and is there to help us in making necessary changes. Trust your intuition, or trust your gut, when it comes to your body and health.  When you feel like there is something wrong, get it checked out.    When you feel like something is not right or lacks clarity then don’t do what is being offered.  Sometimes we have a “bad feeling” but due to pressure and disbelief from others we ignore what our heart is telling us.  Well, don’t be afraid to be pushy, investigative, or overly cautious when it comes to things like this.  The more you learn to listen to your body, your intuition, and your gut the more in alignment with yourself you will be and the better choices you will make!

3.  Question everything you know about Health

Your health is not something random that just happens.  For the most part it is determined by the lifestyle that you live, the food you eat, and the thoughts you think.  Genes do play a role, but they are affected by your lifestyle, nutrition, and thoughts.  For example, research shows that the cause of most cancer is only about 10% genetic and about 90% environmental and lifestyle based. This shows that your health is something that you have A LOT of control over.  But, when we don’t take care of our bodies and our health, our body gets out of balance and gets dis-eased.  Our life energy is no longer flowing properly, and we get sick. When we can begin to make the connection between what we eat, what we think, and the lifestyle we live AND the ailments, problems, sicknesses, and diseases we develop we have a tool to recover our health and wellbeing.  Do your research to be empowered in making the right choices.

4.  View your body as a sacred temple

What kind of relationship do you have with your own body?  Is it friendly or adversarial?  When trying to stay healthy and vital it helps to have a relationship with your body that sees it as sacred, all loving and pure.  Your body wants to be healthy and balanced.   So, when it gets thrown off balance by exposing it to a whole bunch of toxins for example, it works extremely hard to get back to balance, but eventually after repeated abuse, it starts to be overwhelmed and your health suffers. With a body paradigm that views it as a precious, sacred temple that you, or a.k.a. your soul, lives in, then you would probably feel more empowered to treat it with more respect and love. Our experience has been: The more you respect your body, the happier you will be, and the longer and healthier you will live.

5.  Never relinquish your power

When doctors say, “you have a chronic disease, there is nothing we can do to get rid of it” or “you have an irreversible condition” or “the cancer has spread everywhere, you have 3 months to live,” Take it with a grain of salt. We are not saying to be in denial, but rather not to get caught up in that mindset.  Let your first reaction be: “ok, thanks for telling me”, and your second should be, “I’m going to figure out a way to heal.”  And then think about finding another doctor, someone who has hope and believes that you can heal and can offer you alternative solutions. WHAT YOU BELIEVE CREATES YOUR REALITY. 

 So, realize that if you accept the doctor’s statements as truth you may have just limited your ability to rise and overcome from your condition.  The doctor’s statements can leave you in a victim mentality, that you are suffering from things beyond your control, and in truth you are more powerful than that. We have worked with hundreds of people over the years to which doctors have said “you just have to learn to live with your pain or with your disease”, and then we started working with them changing their story, their mindset and reprogramming the body/mind so it works differently.  From this we have seen many miracles happen. A positive mindset can be applied to small ailments or life-threatening diseases.  Never settle, never give up hope, never stop fighting, and never stop believing that you can heal.

6.  Stay open and empowered!!!

When we stop asking questions and close ourselves off to new ideas, new information, eternal wisdom, lifestyle changes, diets, therapies, alternative solutions, or ways of thinking, we deny ourselves our full potential by staying stuck in place.  Always keep an open mind, because what we don’t know already may be exactly what we need. Also, stay empowered and take responsibility for yourself, always remain determined to solve your problems and don’t ever give up.  Most of the time, in some way, we are the ones who are at the root of the problems we have through unhealthy and unconscious/automatic habits.  Maybe we got very busy and just didn’t realize that our actions, or lack of action, was the unconscious choice we were making in not giving us the results that we want.  That means that we have the power to solve them.  Remember that you are not a victim!  You are not powerless, hopeless, or helpless, and you are not a slave to your ailment or to mainstream practices.  You are a powerful being, so stay empowered! It’s so disheartening to see people give up their personal power to an external entity – be it a system, an institution, an authority figure, an idea, an addiction, a possession, or some social norm.  It hurts to see people think that they have no choice and that they are powerless in how their life unfolds. 

We hope that you will take this message seriously, that you take your health and wellbeing seriously, and if you are facing challenges right now that you stay open to all types of information and healing.

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