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Achieving your New Years Resolution

New Year’s is a great time to focus on our health and wellbeing to set our habits for the year before us. As January first rolls around we are getting motivated to do something extra for ourselves and for our health. Something that we haven’t been doing and know that we should. Sadly, it is a well studied fact that very few of those resolutions will last over a week. We all know that it will take more than a week to create a habit with long lasting results because our bodies need repetition and time to change. Here are a few health resolutions that we help people realize at the Center:

Weight loss – Weight loss is like most other problems, it has multiple causes and we can help you figure out the easiest way to loose weight by identifying those causes. Emotional eating, organ function, or bad habits can be addressed thru the gentle work we offer at the center.

Accountability, having a partner in the endeavor, is key to help sustain those lifestyle (diet, exercise,..) changes you decided to take on. We help you by addressing the various reasons why you are not living at your ideal weight.

Detox – the world we live in is toxic (pesticides, food additives/colorants, personal products, cars, etc.) so it is important to detox or body regularly. At the Center we can discuss the best detox options for you (3 days, 10 days, 21 days), advise you on food and supplements, and also offer tools such as the Ionic Foot Detox Bath , Infrared sauna or the PEMF mat to help.

Take less ______. Our main goal at the Center is to repair and optimize the body and the energy flowing within your body/mind. When your body functions properly you feel better with less pain and less anxiety/depression. Many of our clients have been able to reduce their meds through care in the Center and the help of their MD.

Change your worst habit. We all have habits, some good and some bad. Some of us know of a bad habit that if changed, would transform our life. Emma created a simple online program to Shatter your Worst Habit in 7 days – 10 minutes per day to take people through the process she uses with her clients. Habits don’t just “go away”, they are replaced by something better.

Shatter Your Worst Habits online series

As 2022 begins to unfold let’s all take a moment and visualize what we want the year to look like. What do we want to accomplish, experience, and create? We all have the power, we just don’t always have the motivation to see it through. We are looking forward to spending 2022 with you to accompany and facilitate your vitality journey.

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