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Creating more support in your couple with body and energy work

We are all navigating unprecedented changes in the ways that we work and live. And in these uncertain times, it’s even more important to have support. Who better to support you than your life partner! Burton and I have seen that our bond has really been a gift for us to navigate this crisis. Our ability to share our fears and concerns with each other so we can plan and partner on the actions that we can take has been a real gift. Divided couples tear each other apart and down, while connected couples work with each other and build each other up.

Have you found that to be true in your couple as well? Have you ever wanted to connect more deeply with your partner? To let go of old stresses, tensions, and patterns that you or your partner might be holding onto? Do you want better interactions with your partner that develop a deeper connection?

Then Dr. Emma’s couple session is just for you!

The couple session with Dr. Emma is designed to slow you down, to help your couple cut through self-sabotage and reharmonize your couple’s energy.

Dr. Emma’s couple session includes coaching based on a questionnaire that you fill out and gentle bodywork to release emotional and physical blocks and tensions. We focus on energy and patterns to create a profound change to assist in the process of connecting at a deeper level. These releases allow for greater communication, deeper understanding and a stronger bond with your partner.

Doing a few private sessions with Dr. Emma prior to the couple session can be useful to dive deeper in the couple dynamic. The private session will work to define your own negative patterns and release your emotional triggers opening up new possibilities for your couple session.

There are many ways to strengthen your couple and a session with Dr. Emma gets beyond the words to the energy that you share together. Dr. Emma is ready to help turn your couple life around.

Call to book your session today!

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