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Springtime Activiation

Springtime is a time for renewal. A time to take inventory. As we go through this process, we invite you to join us and take inventory of your health and vitality. Our sense of wellness and physical health is intimately linked to the amount of free energy in our systems and the amount of energy bound as tension, accumulated over time. It’s funny how we all think about a good spring cleaning for our house, or car, or office but don’t really think about doing the same thing for ourselves. Well, spring is here, and it is time.

Let’s take inventory and look at the different areas of our life and health.

Would you say you are…

energy rich excited guy

Energy Rich – it is easy for you, and you feel energized while doing what you are doing. You can feel recharged throughout the day. You have projects, goals, and are on target to achieve them.


Energy neutral – you are stable. You might feel like you have a good life, or a bad one, but you don’t have much comfort with change (adapting to events requires energy for change). You can see this as a balanced bank account, enough money comes in each month to pay the bills but not enough to be crazy with the credit card. You know you are energy neutral when change is challenging.

Energy poor – you feel drained, you have no resources, you feel stuck. Your priority is to survive. Life is hard in this state. The shift from being energy poor to energy neutral is already such a life changing event.

So how do you see yourself, your couple, work, spiritual life,…?

Now, how do we bring energy to the systems of our being? We Activate Our Life!

To activate our Life we need to look at the various aspects of our being and see what we can do for each to become more energy rich.

  • On an energetic level all matter is energy so we, in essence, are energy beings. How connected are we to the source of energy that animates our body and life? Being energy rich is being able to access and feel the flow of energy within our bodies and to use it for our healing and wellbeing. There are many practices that can help you to become energy rich – the care we provide, acupuncture, Reiki, chakra work, tai chi, yoga, breath work, etc. – by you learning to draw energy from the world into your own energy systems.
  • On a physical level – Our bodies are the vehicles that our spirits use to get around in this life and experience it. There is also a physical part to our being that has needs and limitations and needs to be respected. An energy rich body feels light and energized, capable of taking on any adventure we desire. Be careful though as our bodies “keep score”. Our lifestyle, the people around us, and our environment all play an interesting role in our energy level. Remember that bodies need self-care on a regular basis and regeneration care from time to time.
  • On an emotional level – Emotion is just energy in motion. We use emotions as energy to fuel changes in our bodies and our lives. We always need energy to create any change. That’s often why trauma and pain are used as a motivation, they carry a lot of emotions. We recommend releasing held emotions and trauma that bind us to the past and to use the emotions that lift us and motivate us. Being energy rich is allowing ourselves to feel a wider range of emotions without past stories and attachments.
  • On a mental level –The mind is the GPS. The mental is our ability to be aware and to think about what we experience. So what we focus on is what we will attract more of and manifest in our lives. Our mindset is usually formed during our early years based on our perceived traumas. Being energy rich has a mental that focuses on abundance and gratitude and positivity. We recommend releasing past mental traumas and to create a positive mindset.
  • On a soul level – This is the essence of who we are individually, and collectively. This is what we draw on for our purpose and direction in life. It is the spark of creation in each of us that connects us all to Creation and our relationship with whomever we refer to as God. Being energy rich is being at peace with God and able to connect with the angels. The sense of being guided and protected help us stay energy rich.

You now have the essentials to get to work yourself on creating energy richness in all areas of your life. And of course we are here to help if needed.

In our Center we do this through our cornerstone program – Activate Your Life.

Comment below or give us a call if you would like to learn more.

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