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Are you experiencing Dys-Harmony?

Our bodies are amazing and able to compensate in so many ways by sharing their energy and resources. It is when a system is losing too much energy and getting drained, or when the energy is stagnant that we cannot compensate anymore. This is what we call a state of dys-harmony. That it is when our body/mind creates pain. That pain is a message to make us “stop and think”.

We have seen many people with pain (back and neck pain) in our Chiropractic practice. Sometimes the symptoms come from our abuse of and disconnection with our physical body and need a physical approach to resolve it. Like back pain coming from sitting at the computer all day in a non-ergonomic position. We need to respect the bio-dynamics of the body and make ergonomic changes to resolve the issue. Sometimes emotional stress like feeling frustration, suffering from being “forced to work to make money”, living with loans, or just feel that you live a life that is not quite the life of your dreams is the cause as that pain is expressed in a part of your body/mind.

There can be Physical symptoms such as pain, sickness and disease.

There can be Emotional symptoms such as depression, anxiety, fear, or frustration.

There can be Mental symptoms such as the feeling of being stuck, negative thought patterns, or that life constantly repeats itself.

Or there can even be Soul symptoms such as the deep pain of a meaningless life, the loss of belief in the existence of God(non-religious) or a Divine spark to Creation, or by being “mad” at God.

Experiencing symptoms is a sign we are in a disharmony, but that doesn’t tell us how to find harmony again. Here is an exercise for you to practice checking for harmony:

Internal – Close your eyes and run a scan of your physical and energetic systems with your mind. If you’re not familiar with body or energetic systems, then just start with the sense of your body from head to toes. Do you feel a sense of harmony and coherence? Or do you feel disconnection? Now think about when and where you feel those sensations the most?

External – Now scan your environment which can also be sources of disconnect. Think about the story of your culture and how authentically aligned with it you are, about the toxins you regularly have contact with – both chemical and people, and how you interact with other people daily. All of these things have a huge impact on our state of harmony.

Journaling is a useful tool to identify what is creating the disharmony in your life. Once you find what is creating dys-Harmony in your life, you can make changes to create Harmony.

Remember that you are the only one responsible for you being in Harmony or not. Others are not responsible for your state of harmony. Other people will do things that make you react, but you are responsible for your reaction. Try to have reactions that create and foster harmony in your life.

Keep in mind that we have 6 core human needs as described by Tony Robbins (certainty, uncertainty/variety, significance, connection/love, growth, and contribution). Understanding how our emotions and actions relate to our Six Human Needs is a key part of learning how to be in Harmony.

The first step in creating harmony is to be aware of the difference between harmony and disharmony. To accept it for what it is, and to understand it. When you do this you already are moving toward harmony. 😊

Let us help you find out how you disconnect and what you should focus on to find Harmony. Let’s have a private session online or in-person.

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