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Let your genes be your guide when choosing supplements

Genetic researchers have confirmed dozens of your genes are directly related to your feelings of positive health and wellness. The information that comes from having a genetic test done provides incredible insight into who we are and how we think, how we respond to the environment, how we detoxify, how we repair our bodies, and our susceptibility to diseases. With this information we can help our bodies overcome genetic weaknesses by giving support where the body is struggling due to genetic variants*, or changes in our genes that can decrease how well they function. ( *Gene variant – a change in your DNA that affects how our body functions. A small change can alter function up to 30%. A larger change can alter function up to 80%.) This revolutionary concept using specific nutritional support to activate genetic pathways can have dramatic effects on overall health.

Imagine that…your ability to be strong, healthy and on top of your game can be impacted by certain genetic variants that are struggling without you knowing it. Knowledge about why you are the way you are combined with a diet and nutrients specifically targeted to modify your genetic expression can change the way your body and brain function, how you age, and how you feel. Because it is more than just your genes, but also your environment and how that environment affects those genes. We are not victims of our genes. We have a blueprint to help us make smart choices if we can only learn how to read it.
Becoming the best version of ourselves!

Here is what most folks notice when they start addressing the health of their genes:

•   Increased energy
•   Optimal immune system function
•   Increase in mood, sleep, and focus
•   Increased detoxification ability
•   Optimal digestion
•   Decreased pain

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If you like the idea and want to get started you can learn more on our services tab under Genetic Nutrition. For those of you who still want to understand a bit more about how this approach really works, read on to understand a bit about Genetics and Methylation.

Your genes are affected by biochemicals — these basic elements are what your body breaks down from what you eat and drink, other nutrient supplements, and your environment. By making a change in these we can change the way our genes react. It is possible to better cope with stress, be more mentally alert and focused and be satisfied and happy with our life naturally by making some of these simple adjustments.

Thanks to advances in genetic research we can now look at specific genes and their functions. The connection between our genetic variants, or SNiP’s (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms) and disease has revealed an important metabolic pathway – the methylation cycle – in the body that is critical to maintaining health. Turns out that the methylation cycle is key to many of the body’s regular processes so genetic variants in it can really affect one’s health and quality of life.

The Methylation Cycle is critical for:

• Energy production
• Repairing and building RNA and DNA
• Immune function (how your body responds to and fights infection)
• Digestive Issues
• DNA silencing
• Neurotransmitter balance (mood stabilization)
• Toxic Metal Detoxification
• Inflammation
• Cell Membrane fluidity and function
• Protein activity
• Myelination
• Cancer prevention

illustration of a dna strand
masks with feelings written on them

So we are not victims of our genes, but they do play a direct role in our health and vitality. Our genes tell the building blocks of our bodies and minds what to do and to not do, and those genes are turned on and off by environmental signals. Once we can identify genetic challenges we can create a supplement/nutritional protocol to compensate for those challenges and assist the body/mind in working at their best. Working in this way is, like with our Genetic Nutrition program, designed to get to the heart of your health and vitality from a genetic level.

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