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Giving the Gift of Health

“Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness is the best relationship” ~Buddha

It’s the holiday season with the days getting shorter and the nights a bit cooler. It’s the perfect time for a bit of reflection as we plan out all of our gift giving. I remember how fun it was to watch the kids’ faces light up with joy as they opened their presents at Christmas. How I received joy in giving them something they were excited to have.

When we’re young it seems to be all about the receiving. The wrapping paper can’t come off fast enough to see new treasure that we had only dreamed about before. As adults things change and we focus more on giving instead. Yes, we still love receiving gifts, but we focus more on giving.

There’s only one little snag… what do we give to ourselves?

Vitality, Health and Wellness are the greatest gifts.

Health is a relationship between you and your body/mind and like in all relationships some balance is required to live in a healthy state. Having the right mindset about healing and wholeness is one of the keys to creating that balance. Our health is something we should never take for granted.

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Because money alone can’t buy it. We know that we all will buy ourselves something shiny and nice during the holidays. It might be a new outfit, some shoes, or a piece of jewelry. But I’m talking about a bigger gift than that. Not a gift that is valued in dollars but in the impact it brings to you and your family’s lives for years to come. The often forgotten about Gift of Health.

So now before you click on something else just take a moment and think about what we just said. We too had a point in our lives where health was not at the forefront. We didn’t care to hear all the blah blah about fitness fads and the next crazy diet. There was nothing shiny and WOW about that. A gift was something we can show off and have others be impressed. The truth is though, that after a bit of time we don’t care about that thing as much as when it was new. But the gift of health was something we could give to ourselves that would continue giving throughout our lives. How can we even enjoy those other shiny things without our health? This is one gift that we can only give to ourselves – nobody can give it to us.

Because we treasure our lives and want to have many more memories with our family, our good health was the gift that we knew we needed to give to ourselves. We simply started by focusing on living a healthy lifestyle – good whole food, exercise, nervous system care, working on our mindset, and cultivating a spiritual connection.

Good Health is the Best Gift you can Give and Receive from yourself. What’s holding you back? By giving yourself the gift of good health, you’re able to live life with the energy and vitality that you want. You’ll actually increase your happiness and longevity in the process. It helps you set a high standard for your life making it easier for you to meet your obligations and take care of the people you love.

We are here to help at the San Clemente Vitality Center. Give us a call at 949-441-7755 or get a Gift of Health voucher here.

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