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Think your body needs a detox

Stress, busy schedules and poor nutritional habits frequently cause our body/minds to become weighed down and overburdened. For this reason, it’s important to recognize your need for a break, and to detox your body! What does it mean to detox? Most people think it means juice cleanses, extreme diets, and/or skinny teas. The truth is that detoxing is the body’s process of getting rid of waste through sweat, urine, the bowels, and breath. Today’s world, unfortunately, is no longer a pristine environment and we are exposed to a multitude of toxins in our environment. And that is not good for our health.

Here are five common indications that your body urgently needs to detox:

Constant tiredness
If after a good night’s sleep, you still feel tired or maybe drained at the end of the day, that is a warning flag for you. With a busy and stressful life, the adrenal glands are frequently under a lot of stress due to constant demands on them. This can lead to adrenal fatigue which is caused by a long-term toxic load that causes your glands to malfunction from high amounts of cholesterol from pollutants. As a result, detoxing can lighten the load on your adrenals allowing them to resume good health.

Digestive problems
Frequent digestive upset is a very strong sign that the body is toxic, overwhelmed, and needs to detox. The liver is the main organ in charge of detoxification and must be able to handle all of the toxins that enter the body by way of the digestive tract. In essence, the liver filters every substance that enters the body. Bloating, acidity, diarrhea, constipation, and difficulty with weight loss are brought on by the body not being able to flush all of the toxins and work like designed. If these symptoms occur, your body is urgently requesting detoxification.

You are very moody
There are times when we are incredibly anxious and agitated. If you have ever experienced a series of mood swings, you are aware of how severe they can be. When we are overworked, our body/mind are the first to experience this stress. Dopamine, the “happy hormone,” and other chemicals are produced by our bodies to help us deal with stress, but when there is too much negativity in the system, dopamine production can be blocked. This can also occur from toxins interfering with your biochemistry, which affects the making or breakdown of neurotransmitters (brain chemicals) that are responsible for our emotional wellbeing. It can also result in depression and anxiety if not identified and addressed.

Fluctuation in body weight
Your body is saying that a detox is needed if it fluctuates between gaining and losing weight despite the fact that you are watching your calories and exercising. Adipose tissue, or fat cells, tend to get poisons/toxins stored inside of them. Our body understands that releasing the poisons from these fat cells and breaking them down could result in unwelcome weight gain or difficulty, so they remain stored in the fat cells. The body can’t function correctly when overburdened with a build-up of toxins.

Rashes on the Body
Our skin is the largest of our detoxifying organs. Most people are surprised by that fact. When you notice outbreaks on the skin it is your body that is trying to cleanse itself of impurities. Cleansing or detoxifying will enhance the skin’s appearance and provide relief from skin problems such as acne, rashes, and spots. When you begin a detox regimen, you may suffer breakouts. This is normal and not cause for concern because it is a sign that your body is cleansing itself of pollutants.

A lack of concentration and memory
It is often said that as we age, our capacity for memory and focus decreases. This is not always the case and should not be the “norm”. An accumulation of toxins in the bloodstream will make its way to the brain where the buildup will then affect memory and concentration. Your brain may become slower when this occurs because it may prevent the neurotransmitters from working properly. Good sleep is also necessary as the brain detoxifies itself during sleep from the inflammation that builds up during the day’s activities. Inflammation and toxins will negatively affect brain function.

Sleeping issues
Toxic accumulation disrupts your circadian rhythm by lowering melatonin levels, which induces sleep in the body. You’ll have energy late into the night and drowsiness during the day. Your body’s natural rhythm can be restored through detoxification, which will also improve your sleep.

When your digestive system struggles to handle processed foods or foods with a high sugar and fat content, bloating results. Both the condition of your digestive system and general immunity will be impacted by this. Your gut will regenerate, and a detox program will assist you in eliminating toxins.

At the San Clemente Vitality Center we are focused on overall health and vitality. Detox is a crucial part of the care we provide in assisting people to reclaim their vitality. Know that we are here to help. If you have questions or need to get started just comment below or give the office a call. We can help you either in-person or online.

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